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People Making Things Better: Francis Clarke

roots fo reggae

Ivo Gormley recommends Francis Clarke: 

I would like to nominate Francis Clarke. He’s set up a thing called Roots of Reggae which encourages older and younger people to get together by putting on a club night with some great dub music.  I like how the idea subverts what we think of as ‘older people’s services’  and actually helps people have fun.   He showed me a video of his first event the other day, there were loads of people really going for it, including him.  He’d succeeded in bringing people together from all walks of life and putting on a really good party with some big djs.

He also works on Spots of Time which is another initiative that makes it easy for  people to volunteer with older people when they have time.  Both of these things are exciting because they are about giving people great things to do, not about worthy-ness or charity. Francis is doing some interesting things, you should keep an eye on him.

Twitter: @rootsofreggae

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