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People Making Things Better: Alice and Ella


Francis Clarke recommends Alice and Ella from The Strive for Happiness

“Is it possible to suggest a group? Two friends of mine – Alice and Ella – have set up a social movement called The Strive for Happiness (inspired by Prof Richard Layard’s movement for happiness). They organise regular events which provide people with fun and creative ways of reflecting on their lives and taking bite-sized steps to improve their wellbeing and happiness.

For example, they regularly hold sessions at London train stations at which people have the chance to take time out and write a letter to someone they perhaps haven’t been in touch with for a while, with a view to boosting their happiness as well as the recipient of the letter.

Their project has been supported by the Royal Mail (who are naturally enough keen to encourage us to send letters). They are very dedicated and approach the issue of wellbeing in a relaxed and engaging way that wins people over.”

People Making Things Better is series of posts where we ask awesome folk to highlight other awesome folk making things better through innovative projects.