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common mba wolfsonian

As a concept COMMON, the shared brand for social good projects, is a big fave with CITZN (not least for their love of capitalised brand names).

Their latest endeavour in particular looks quite a bit like what we’re working on at CITZN. The COMMON MBA is described as a pop-up team of “rockstars” “badasses” and “savants” who will take on the challenge of moving the Wolfsonian Museum in Florida into the future.

“COMMON is busy building a popup team of designers, strategists, and creative professionals for a Maniacal Business Attack (MBA) at the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach, Florida.

Over a period of four days in late March, we’ll be helping move this internationally recognized art and design museum into the future, with an eye towards community impact, financial sustainability and social impact. We’ll be having a lot of fun too.”

For our part, the plan for CITZN is to make organising these kinds of collective challenges simpler and bring together “badasses”, brands and non-profits to work for the common good. And projects like COMMON are a big part of the inspiration.

You can learn more about the Wolfsonian project at